In 1998, with the signature of 600 members of the Chamber of Commerce of sandy ministry made an application regarding the establishment and permissions required by legal process began in 1999.

Occupation of group creation and selection process after completion of the legal entity completed our rooms, Antalya Chamber of Commerce located at Title Source Commercial Registry registered members belonging to the files taken on 22 September 1999 its activities officially began.

Sandy Chamber of Commerce and the jurisdiction of the Commercial Registry Office; Dated 07.10.2000 of Ministry No. 2000/53, with the approval of the Finike town have also included.

Dated 11.12.2000 and 2000/89 with the approval of No. Demre (Kale) district and the date 06.11.2001 and 2001/74 with the approval of No. expanded to include the town of Kaş has continued to service.

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